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Requirements for Admission


The mission of the Institute is to teach students to work vulnerable and underserved populations through direct practice, leading organizations, policy-shaping, and generating practice-relevant research. The admissions process welcomes students who are committed to the mission of the Institute as well as to social work as a profession. Applicants must show the potential to succeed in social work practice by demonstrating interest, commitment, compatible personal values, interpersonal skills and academic ability.

In addition, all applicants must:

 Complete an application for admission.
 Turn the application in before the deadline with all required forms and documents.
 Be able to document completion of secondary school.
 Take part in an admission interview if requested.

Students who are unable to provide documentation of requirements completed prior to the January 2010 earthquake may still be eligible for admission. Please contact the office for more information on the process of verifying personal, work and education history.

International students


Students from other countries are welcome to study for a term or year at the Institute of Social Work and Social Science provided they complete an application for guest admission to the program and are able to secure funds to cover the cost of their studies and living expenses while in Haiti. Scholarships and other forms of financial assistance are not available to international students from highly developed countries. International students who wish to complete their degree at the school are required to apply for regular admission to the program. Admissions interviews may be conducted by phone for students living abroad.

International students are encouraged to take classes in Haitian Creole if they are not already fluent and are offered opportunities to complete field work with a local organization. International students who wish to stay with a local family are offered a home-stay option; a screened host family will be identified and matched with the student. Students may stay with more than one family during the term.

Admissions Timeline


Applications for admission are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year with admissions decisions being made at least three times a year prior to the start of each term. Once your application has been submitted it will be retained until the next time the admissions committee meets. This committee is comprised of faculty, staff, administrators and social work practitioners who provide an impartial review of all applications. Once a decision has been made on your application you will be informed via email and/or telephone. Students whose educational, personal or work history was incompletely verified due to missing pre-earthquake records, or who were deemed to have inadequate preparation for university-level study may be admitted on a provisional basis.

Students who are admitted on a provisional basis will be given a Plan of Work that they must complete in order to attain full admission to the program. This Plan of Work is designed in cooperation with the newly admitted student and must be completed within 12 months. The Plan of Work could include additional classes, tutoring, advising sessions, language review, obtaining documents or certifications, passing specific exams, and/or additional requirements. Provisionally admitted students are eligible for financial assistance and welcome to participate fully in all educational and student activities.

Accepting Offer of Admission


Students who have been offered financial assistance in conjunction with admission to the Institute must inform the Admissions office in writing by the date specified on their application letter of their decision to accept or reject the offer of admission. Individuals who do not do this by the date specified risk losing their financial assistance.

Once you have accepted the offer of admission you have until the date that tuition payments are due (stated in your admissions offer letter) to pay register for classes and pay tuition. Applicants who decide to defer admission and would like to begin studies at a later term in the year are welcome to do so without having to reapply for admission. To defer admission until the next term, please inform the admissions office of your request in writing.

Appealing a Decision


Applicants who have been denied admission, been granted provisional admission, or were not granted financial aid are welcome to appeal this decision. Appeals must be made in writing within 30 days of the date the applicant was informed of the decision.